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"Fly Me To The Moon" #TuesdayTunes

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

When I'm planning a set list, I'm mostly trying to choose songs I like to perform. Never! (I should have posted this yesterday on April Fools Day. But then it wouldn't have been #TuesdayTunes so I guess that's a non-starter.)

The most important consideration BY FAR is what type of vibe the client is trying to create. Is it a ritzy gala or a laid-back networking event? Do you want people to relax and unwind or are you trying to get them energized for a new incentive or product that's being launched? Are the guests mostly millennials or baby boomers? These are some of the factors that play into my set list creation.

Typically, the songs that work best are the ones that cross over the largest variety of demographics. Because let's face it, there's no such thing as an event where every single guest has the same taste in music... unless you're planning a polka band playoff. (Has anyone actually done that??)

Songs like "Fly Me To The Moon" are huge crowd pleasers in most scenarios. Having performed for over 1,500 events in my career, I've had lots of opportunities to gauge the audience to find out what songs get the most positive response. When a dozen people look up and nod at you with a big grin on their face, you know you've picked a winner.

Even though I'm not primarily a jazz musician, I like to include songs like this at the beginning of many events because it's comfortable and welcoming. It allows your guests to warm up and ease into the event, cocktail in hand.

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