• Celeste Vee

A Timeless First Dance

One song. Two months. Three states. Four first dances.

There's one song that is by far the most popular choice for first dances, and I love it! "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis Presley took on new life when Kina Grannis sang it in the movie "Crazy Rich Asians". I have many versions of the song in my repertoire. Sometimes my clients choose for me to sing it. Some want just a violin cover. And others choose a combination of the two.

Here's a video from one of these recent performances. It took place at the beautiful Nanina's in the Park in Belleville, NJ. The venue alone is absolutely stunning, but the fog machines and fireworks at the end took this one over the top!

If you're planning a dramatic first dance for your wedding, you can't beat this one for inspiration!

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